Build, Deployment, and Delivery

We believe that the more frequently we deploy, the better we collaborate as team and with our clients to navigate our way towards the most appropriate outcome.

Our expectation is that anyone of our development team should be able to build and deploy within a few moments of cloning a project repository.

Quality Expectations

There are certain things we expect to happen frequently to help keep quality visible to our team and clients.

  • Performance Budgets: Performance budgets should be captured early and performance tracked automatically. Trends are as important as limits.
  • Style: We seek consistency in code structure and style within a project. We expect that how we structure Sass, Javascript, Ruby, Html, etc will change over time as we learn. Those choices we make on a project should be codified with tools like jshint, stylelint, Code Climate, etc.
  • Tests: Every project should be configured to support automated tests. In most cases, this means Jasmine, Mocha, Rspec, Minitest, etc. These tests should be easy to run locally, preferrably when code changes. All tests should run using CircleCI, reporting results to Pull Requests.

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