• Sparkbox employees and clients should understand our philosophy on information security.
  • Sparkbox employees and clients should have confidence that their intellectual property and assets are reasonably safe when in our care.
  • Sparkbox would prefer not to be in the business of maintaining critical client resources where possible.
  • Sparkbox will act openly and dutifully with employees and clients to resolve security concerns.
  • We’ll use this to make smart decisions about security, data, and digital asset risk.

General Policy

No policy can set forth rules to cover every possible situation. Instead, Sparkbox Security Policies are designed to express our philosophy and set forth principles and guidelines for the intelligent use of resources. All such uses should demonstrate a sense of responsibility and respect for critical business assets of Sparkbox and its clients. When in doubt about any matter related to security, employees should communicate quickly and clearly in the #security Slack channel.


The following guides provide instructions for checking the status of and implementing important aspects of the Sparkbox Security Policy.

Screenshots can be captured using macOS, iOS, or Android. Reach out to the #security Slack channel with questions or challenges.

If you wish, you can run the following in a terminal to check for Recommended Mac Updates, Time Machine Backup Disk Encryption, and FileVault Full Disk Encryption.

curl -s | sh

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