FileVault Full Disk Encryption

FileVault is full-disk encryption for macOS and required for all Sparkbox laptops. If you setup your laptop with the new laptop script this has already been completed. This guide will help you determine if FileVault is enabled and, if necessary, how to enable it.

Capturing Status on the Command Line

macOS ships with a tool called fdesetup to manage FileVault from the command line. If you're comfortable with typing in commands, you can see if FileVault is already enabled by running:

$ fdesetup status

A message will print to the commnd line stating that FileVault is either On or Off.

Capturing Status from System Preferences

You can also check your system preferences to see the status of FileVault. From the Apple menu () click on System Preferences... and in the window that pops up choose Security & Privacy on the top row. Click FileVault near the top and you'll see a message indicating FileVault's status in the center of the window.

FileVault in System Preferences


If FileVault is off, then you need to complete this process using Apple's FileVault setup instructions.

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